How To Easily Install A Standard 700 Ton Travel Lift At Your Facility

High Quality 700 Ton Travel Lift for Sale
High Quality 700 Ton Travel Lift for Sale

If you want a facility where people are housing their very expensive boats, and you also provide access to the water, you are going to need a travel lift or two that can accommodate their needs. Some of the boats may be very small, whereas others are going to be in excess of 500 tons. If you need a travel lift that is 700 tons, you can find these online or sale. Once it arrives, this is where many people get confused. They do not realize that it is completely disassembled. In order to assemble it, so that it can be used by your clients, or even by yourself, let’s look at what must be done to get this 700 ton travel lift fully operational.

Different Components Of A Travel Lift

Travel lifts will consist of a base components such as wheels, girders, pulleys, hoists, cables, and a control panel. All of these things will be designed to be welded together, or bolted together, so that they can perform a very specific function. The most difficult part of the construction is coordinating how the pulleys and hoists will lift and lower simultaneously. This is a mechanism that is part of the system that you will purchase which allows the boat to be evenly lifted and lowered.

Will It Take Long To Construct One?

Even if you were to use a skilled professional company to do this, it may take a couple of days. It’s going to require, at the very least, a forklift or some type of crane with a boom to position the different pieces together. You will then have to test it to make sure it is functioning properly. If you are providing this as a service for people renting your warehouse and access to your dock, you do not want to drop boats. You may have insurance, but that would certainly cause the wrong word-of-mouth advertising to happen after such an incident. Therefore, in about 48 hours, it should be fully constructed and ready to use.

Professional Travel Lift for Business
Professional Travel Lift for Business

Are The Larger Ones More Difficult Than The Smaller Ones To Construct?

The larger travel lifts are very similar to the smaller ones. The main difference will be in the number of pulleys that are used on either side, the number of hoists, cables, and also the size and weight of the girders. Essentially, they are all very similar, but you need to take into account that the larger travel lifts will have more components which will take longer to assemble.

How To Obtain One That Is Easy To Assemble

There is not really a way to get one that is easier to assemble than others. The components that each one is made of are the same, regardless of what company you get this from. The only difference might be in the type of pulley, hoist, or cables that you have access to. Otherwise, it will be the same number of components from each company.

Assembling a standard 700 ton travel lift is not too hard to do if you have the right people working for you. If you have the schematic available, and the right people, it can be done in just a few days. Even if you were assembling one that only lifted 100 tons, the same procedures would apply. It just takes a company with expertise, and the proper tools, to assemble your travel lift once it arrives.

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